The person that manages and maintains the database of a company is known as the database administrator or DBA. DBA is actually the abbreviated form of Database administrator. Every database needs someone to manage it and so here comes the importance of a DBA. If the database is on a remote host and the person who is maintaining the database is doing the job from remote location then this type of support provided by the DBA is remote DBA support.

Why a remote DBA should be hired?

A remote database administrator provides the same services as an onsite administrator then why a remote DBA should be hired. A DBA operating from a remote location should be hired because a remote DBA does not require vacation or sick leave. A DBA working from the remote location neither asks for bonus nor comes with any other excuses. The remote database administrator also does not require any professional assistance in administering the database but if it does then it is not the issue for the company that has hired the remote database administration services. The remote database administration firm that has employed the DBA professionals takes care of educating the professionals and providing them with the latest version of software tools required to perform the best database administration services. These are some good points why a remote DBA should be hired.

Benefits of the remote DBA services

There are too many benefits that a company can enjoy if it has hired the DBA professionals to operate from remote location. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

A remote DBA provides 24 hour support

Yes, this is the biggest benefit that you can get the database support anytime and every time. These professionals are ready to serve their clients anytime of the day, any day of the month and throughout the year. There is no Sunday or any other holiday for these professionals. Thus a remote DBA support is there to assist the clients every time.

A remote DBA saves money

It does not matter that how big or small your company is but if you are employing the permanent employee for the administration of the database then you will need to depend on multiple employees for this responsibility even if the company is smallest in size and function. Multiple employees are required for administering the database because database services require 24 hours of service and no employee can work every time so you will need to employ multiple employees to work in different shifts. Permanent service of multiple employees will need more monthly payment but if you want to save these dollars then the best option is to hire one remote DBA rather than employing 4 employees. This is how a remote DBA can save money for your company.

These were some of the benefits that a database administrator working from the remote location can offer you. If you want to enjoy these benefits then the best solution is to hire a remote DBA rather than wasting time and money in working with employees.

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