Countdown to Publication 14 days out: Queries!

Goddess willing and the crick don't rise, my long- delayed website—the one I’ve been angsting about on these pages for several weeks--will soft launch Friday 9/24 and be fully public by the date of my next newsletter blast 9/28. (If you want to sign up for my newsletter, by the way, just e-mail me.) Check back next week for the urls. (Hooray! Corks about to pop!)

Meanwhile…are you signed up for HARO? It stands for Help a Reporter Out. Three times a day, you get queries from a wide array of media outlets. It takes a bit of sifting through, but I've secured several worthwhile media opportunities, and connected with some terrific women's topics reporters like Liz O'Donnell. You can also sign up as a journalist and issue queries for your articles, books, or blogs. Check it out.

Peter Shankman, who started HARO, usually ends his opening speil with "Queries!" And, SheWriters, my Countdown this week is all about my queries for you.

I’m creating a blog dedicated to discussing the “9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power” that I have written about in No Excuses. Will you help me prime the pump with your answers to my queries?

You can respond to any questions that resonate with you in comments section below. I’ll pop your comments onto my website as soon as it’s ready. Feel free to include a link to your book or website so I can help you spread your word(s) too.

Ready? Queries!

• Can you describe a time when you were in a meeting and you put forth an idea that didn’t go anywhere? Then a man at the meeting said the same thing and people responded? What was that about?
• If you ran the world, how would you define power?
• Was there a moment when you knew you had the power to____ (you fill in the blank)? If so what was it? And if not, was there a process you went through to get to that place of feeling you had the power to_____?
• Thinking about mentors you have had, how did they influence your choice of career, civic engagement, or personal life decisions?

These are just a few of the questions I’ll be asking on the 9 Ways blog page. Like I said, please comment on any that resonate with you in the comments section below here on SheWrites. By next week, I should have my site fully functional so you can see where your comments have been posted.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and helping me get the conversation going,

P.S. I’m heading for the Burlington Book Festival Saturday, so if any of you Vermonters are going to be there, please come on down to my reading at 2:30. New Yorkers, you’re invited to the “official” launch October 5, 7:30, at Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle and October 7, 7pm, at The Strand. Here’s the full schedule of events so far. I’d love to see you there. And would especially appreciate live bloggers and tweeters. (Thanks to Shelby Knox for volunteering to live tweet the B and N event and giving me the idea.)

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Comment by GloriaFeldt on September 22, 2010 at 10:03pm
Serena, we have mutual admiration for Mary Rothschild. I met her when my husband took one of her women's history classes! It's great that you have mentors and are so conscious of the value of what they are sharing with you. Thank you for sharing those experiences here.

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