HandPrints On My Heart, Sharing Stories, Changing Lives!


“There are moments in our lives that make all the difference,

but it’s the people in our lives that change us forever.

Those who help us to transform for the better

                                                                                   leave their ‘HandPrints’ on our hearts.”     

                                                                        Marlene Moore Gordon                                                           




Imagine if over a four year period of time you lost 19 beloved people and pets?


How might you feel, if during this same time you suffered the demise of your once successful career, found your new husband laid off and having to undergo major back surgery, just as his two teenaged daughters arrived on your door step in need of a home?


How would you make sense of the haunting memories of the 9/11 tragedy forever etched in your mind, after you witnessed firsthand the burning of the Twin Towers, saw the countless photos plastered everywhere, and felt the pain of the masses searching frantically for lost loved ones?


Could you cope with moving four times during all this, due to major financial loss?


These were the traumatic circumstances of my life from 2000-2004, when I complained to my dear friend Heather that I felt powerless, with no solid ground to stand on.


“Then you’ll just have to learn to stand in mid-air, until you grow wings to fly,” she said. And so I began the slow and often painful process of growing my own wings. The first step: I surrendered.


After twenty-five years as a successful, commercial illustrator, I put down my brush and picked up a pen. Encouraged by my new writer friends, Heather and Scott, I became a participant in two writing groups. I began to write in an effort to heal myself, to learn firsthand the power that writing and sharing stories holds to help heal us all. My stories had a common thread. I wrote about the people and pets that had changed my life forever, leaving indelible HandPrints and PawPrints on my heart.


What I didn’t know then was that the dark night of my soul would lead to a period of total reinvention. This soul-searching time would require my digging deep to unearth my core values. Ultimately, the support, encouragement and love of those closest to me opened the path for me to walk confidently toward my true passion, the new vision for my life and my life’s work: HandPrints On My Heart®.  

As a writer you already understand the tremendous power of your words. What you might not know is that YOUR stories are a lifeline connecting people from all walks of life, across all generations, regardless of religion, nationality or color.

My intention is to share OUR stories on the HandPrints website, to compile them as an inspirational anthology book series that will be shared in print, on kindle, ipod, computer and cell phones. Stories shared in writing, audio and video will touch the lives of reader’s worldwide inviting them to “Find Something New To Feel Good About Everyday!” 

Each of us has at least one story to tell. Loved ones as well as strangers have the potential to make a difference in our lives. For many of us, it is a loving parent, spouse, sibling or friend. We never know who will become our champion, mentor or hero: the music teacher who instills a love for the arts, the generous neighbor who teaches a valuable lesson, the caring grandparent who steps in during a time of need. When you think about it, who has left their HandPrints on your heart?


And then there are the animals we adore! They come into our lives seemingly by chance. Do we choose them, or do they choose us? Those cats, dogs, horses and other pets that touch us so deeply, offer us unconditional love, provide us with comfort and hope. They become part of our family, ingrained in the fabric of our lives. As they calm and heal us, they teach us many of life’s most valuable lessons. Are there PawPrints on your heart?


Come see for yourself! Visit handprintsonmyheart.com. Read some of the compelling stories already posted. See how you, your bio, photo and work will be presented. In time, you can be highlighted and promoted. There will also be incremental revenue opportunities. A major publisher is very interested.


Please read the story guidelines and submit your stories to me on our submission form. I look forward to connecting with you, getting to know you and doing what I can to help promote your work. I welcome your participation and will be there to support you, just as my dear friends have supported me to “grow your wings to fly!”


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Comment by Marlene Moore Gordon on August 12, 2011 at 10:25pm

HI ladies, it's really great to connect with you! I look forward to getting to know you and reading your amazing

stories. Much love and light, Marlene

Comment by Mary Kennedy Eastham on August 12, 2011 at 2:50pm

Sometimes we find the things we need at the exact right time. Boy, do I need this connection! 

Am going through a divorce and I lost the beautiful dog in this picture, Flynn, my heartlove, 

several months ago. He was only five...Am hoping to submit something really soon. 

Comment by Bridget Straub on August 10, 2011 at 1:36pm
This sounds fascinating. I will check it out.
Comment by Patricia A. McGoldrick on August 10, 2011 at 10:01am

Congrats, Marlene!

Glad you could share your journey! 


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