How to Get Traffic to Your Author Website

The author website (or blog) is an essential book marketing tool, and authors often ask how they can get more traffic to their website. To answer that question, let's first think about the ways that people land on websites.

As an example, I'll discuss sources of traffic (according to Google Analytics) to my Savvy Book Marketer website during a recent month:

Search Traffic:  About 47% of visitors found my site through a search engine like Google. Most of those people searched for keywords such as book marketing or book promotion, although some searched for my name or brand name. The process of making your site attractive to search engines is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Referral Traffic: About 18% of visitors landed on my site by clicking a link on another website. Generating incoming links from other sites, including social networks, is a valuable way to get people to your site and it's also helpful in SEO.

Direct Traffic: About 24% of visitors came directly to my site, either by typing my website address into their browser or clicking a link in an email (like my newsletter). This also includes people who bookmarked my site in their browser and visited by clicking on the bookmark.

Campaigns: About 11% of traffic came from people who have subscribed to my RSS feed and clicked a link in the feed. If I were running any online ads on Google or another site, those visitors would also show up in this category.  

Your challenge is to figure out how to increase traffic from each of these sources. For more details on how to increase your website traffic, see these articles:

Get Incoming Links to Your Author Website

Author Websites – Getting Search Engine Traffic

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Comment by maggie brooke on June 14, 2016 at 11:45pm

for some reason, most of my blog traffic comes from uzbekastan. go figure!


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