Thank you to all of you who submitted updates this week as we complete our migration over to our new Member News! Please continue to post updates you would like to share as a comment on the Member News profile page (the same way you would leave a comment on a friend's profile page) and each Monday I'll organize them as a blog to be featured on the main page. Also, we love to hear about publications you have coming up, even if it's a few months away. Please let us know through an email to or check out Upcoming Pub Date Groups.

This week's Member News:
*Elizabeth Kate Switaj's short story "The Elegant Maru" was published in Christmas in Outer Space from WhortleBerry Press.

*Anastasia Ashman launched expat+HAREM, the global niche. This multi-author blog and neoculture hub embodies the hybrid concept of the original anthology by foreign women in modern Turkey -- while embracing intentional travelers, identity adventurers and global citizens of all kinds. They are accepting guest bloggers now. Anastasia's essay "Thanksgiving with MaryJane" -- about a cosmic 1979 meal that gifted her Berkeley family with a sudden ability to perceive each other as loveable characters -- appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family released this month.

*Sarah Irving got the final cover design back for Gaza: Beneath the Bombs, out with Pluto Press in January 2010 edited/co-authored with Sharyn Lock. According to UK comedian Jeremy Hardy, it's "An honest, forthright account full of compassion and insight. It plunges the reader into Gaza." We're looking forward to seeing it!

*Tania Pryputniewicz's latest poem "Rising Sign" up on the web at, paired with the photography of Robyn Beattie (our second collaboration); their work appears on p. 45. Latest (humorous) mini-essay on the division of labor issues that strike when the first newborn enters a house/marriage: "Thoughtloops of a Breast feeding Mom" at

*Madeline Angela Wheeler has a new post on The Huffington Post "When Abortion is "Gendercide" about gender discrimination in India.

*Helen Epstein's classic Music Talks, a collection of her profiles of famous musicians such as Yo Yo Ma, Leonard Bernstein and master violin teacher Dorothy DeLay has been reissued by the Back-in-Print program of the Authors Guild. For the back story go to the Lexington Minuteman article on Helen Epstein. The book is available online.

*Mary Larkin was interviewed by Storyglossia's Anne Valente about Mary's story "The Dance Partner" in their issue 35. If you'd like to see the story, just go to

*Leora Skolkin Smith has poems in the new Hamilton Stone Review # 19. Also featuring Poetry by Nathan Leslie. Fiction by Jan Clausen, Dave Engeldrum, Jackie Ernst, Laurence Klavan, Angela Lang, Corey Mesler, and Barry Spacks. Nonfiction by Kelle Groom, Rigoberto Gonzalez, James Richardson, and Damon Shaw.

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