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I like food. A lot. And as much as I try and write characters that are radically different from me, inevitably parts of myself end up creeping in. One character will share my shyness, another will tell bad jokes that sound a lot like mine and pretty much all of them will really, really enjoy food. All of the important events of their lives seem to occur with the backdrop of a Chinese restaurant, or a fish and chip shop, or eating Tim Tams in a pillow fort. No, really. I think they might need to hand themselves over to Overeaters Anonymous. (Luckily no one seems to put on weight with all this eating they do. Perks of being a fictional character.) My first novel, Girl Saves Boy, was published in 2010. It's a contemporary YA, and since I'm Australian, they eat a lot of Tim Tams and hot chips. There's also a lot of adventuring and funny-sad scenes and awkward teenage romance.


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"I don't use a pen name, however a friend who writes sci-fi, writes under a pen name. She does so because women are less accepted/respected in that genre."
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"Thanks for posting the link to your essay, Jo Anne Valentine Simson. I've been working an essay myself, on the identity shifts that have accompanied my evolution from Nancy Sanders (original name) to Nancy Ross (first marriage, grad…"
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