The She Writes Credo. Say It With Us on June 29th, With She Writers Near You.

A statement of beliefs from the founders of She Writes.

As I said in my post last week, She Writes turns one on June 29th, 2010. It is a moment for celebration and reflection upon all that has happened over the last year, as our community has grown exponentially and as we have attempted to keep apace. But it is also a moment to thoughtfully consider our future, asking ourselves where we want to go and who we want to be. And in order to guide us in that process, Debbie and I decided it was time to sit down and write up a statement of beliefs. A credo.

This credo outlines the fundamental principles upon which She Writes was founded. We hope it speaks to you as it speaks to us. And we hope you will gather together with other She Writers on June 29th, whether it is thirty of you or two of you, adding your city to gatherings already planned in St. Louis, Seattle, San Francisco and Central California, exchange books with one another, and if it feels right to you, read these beliefs together, too. Please share this today on your Facebook pages, your blogs, your Twitter feeds, and oh yes, if you like, by reading it aloud and uploading your version of it to share with us, too.

ONE. We believe that writing is life and world-changing for women.

TWO. We believe that community has the power to nurture and sustain creativity.

THREE. We believe in the psychology of abundance: we have everything to gain by sharing what we know, and everything to lose if we withhold our wisdom from one another.

FOUR. We believe that writing is a journey, and that publication is only one of its many meaningful destinations.

FIVE. We believe technology, employed thoughtfully, will empower and amplify the voices of women and girls who have not otherwise have been heard.

SIX. We believe in building a platform upon which all of us can stand.

SEVEN. We believe writing is only as good as the labor expended to produce it.

EIGHT. We believe that writers need not write alone.

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Comment by Jennifer Lauck on June 6, 2010 at 3:47pm
Sweet! I'm in in Portland. Let's all figure out a place to float together and meet, Portlander's.

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"Thanks for your honesty, Cindy. It's so hard not to feel ill while negotiating the vicissitudes of this book publishing ride. One day I feel so confident about my writing and my book and the next I'm down on everything! Doing my best to…"
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"Thanks, all...what lovely and thoughtful words. Those of you who are in the middle of bringing a book to life - congrats. It really has been the most amazing experience. So much so that maybe I'll do it again! (This is why women have more than…"
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Sharon McDonell commented on the blog post '[THE WRITER'S LIFE] My Glamorous Life'
"Cindy, thank you for the post.  A reality check is always good.  But never, say never, you must have another book waiting to come out.  Who knows what the future holds, keep on flipping!  "
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