I LOVE this writing prompt!  Using the following words Surprises, Disasters, Enemies, Weirdos, Angels, and Dreams, free write a paragraph or two on each – let it flow and have fun! This was my result!

Surprises, Disasters, and Dreams – Oh My!

Surprises can be good or bad. A breast cancer diagnosis is a bad surprise and so is finding out your husband has been sleeping with another woman. A good surprise is putting on your winter coat for the first time since last winter and finding a $20 bill in the pocket. Falling upside down crazy in love is even better.

Disasters happen. Are you prepared? Are you ready for an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or the coming zombie apocalypse? The CDC is ready for zombies, which makes me breathe easier. They get it wrong in every movie and they really botched it up in Max Brooks’ “World War Z.” I’m glad they’re finally practicing for the zombie uprising and mass casualties.

Weirdos are in the eye of the beholder. Did you know some of the weirdest people show up at Denny’s around 2AM? I once saw a guy whose cheeks, ears, nose, lips, and eyebrows sprouted pointy metal objects. His pierced face art gave me the creeps. At least his purple-mohawked-trench-coat-wearing companion was tame by comparison. They stared at me staring at them. I wonder if they thought I was weird.

Enemies are not your friends but Sun-Tzu advises to keep them closer than your friends. Maybe so you can bite them.

Angels are people, too. They don’t have wings or live in heaven. Angels walk among us and appear when you least expect them but need them the most. Sometimes they’re people you know. Sometimes they’re complete strangers. Either way, they show up exactly when they should.

Dreams are your subconscious mind hard at work solving problems, finding answers, showing you a different path, and sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to remember, dreams show you a glimpse into your future.


Now - let's see what you do with this! Have FUN!!

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Comment by Jackie Wygant on June 5, 2011 at 9:03am

Let's see what I can do with this:

Surprises, Disasters, and Dreams – Oh My!

Surprises:  It is hard to surprise me so when it happens it's big.  My husband and I are on a fixed income and I manage the funds.  The only way to surprise me by way of a gift is to sneak something under the radar. For the month of our anniversary we needed to buy Mother's Days cards etc.  So my husband, who usually gets the groceries, picked the Mother's Day cards AND snuck in a anniversary card for me.  The message and what he wrote brought me to tears!  That's my idea of a surprise. 

Disasters:  My idea of a disaster, aside from Mother Nature throwing a fit from hell in one way or another, is choosing to make a new cookie recipe and having the cookies burn or just taste like crap.  All the money for the supplies and electricity in the toilet.  It reminds me of of when my husband and I use to play FFXI (Final Fantasy) an online MMORPG, and you would need all these expensive, hard to get ingredients to craft food.  Well there was a high probability when you were new to the craft that you would have it not work and everything would be lost.  So many breaking crystal sound effects! A total disaster lol.

Dreams:  My dreams are usually the movies my mind makes out of the huge file cabinet I have of memories; I get some fun ones after watching television or seeing a movie too.  On rare occasions my dreams will foretell of coming disaster or issues whether personal or outside of myself.  I had dream about a terrible storm just prior to Hurricane Katrina.  Dreams have helped me work through complicated issues in my life.  I feel dreams are necessary for the brain to be able to "process" (like a CPU) all the data we put into it by all of our senses.


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