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At 5:12am on July 13, 2012, Jen Stein Hauptmann said…

Hey Sandy!  I'm going to have to check out that essay today.  I'm being fascinated by this shift in writing and am eager to embrace it with reading as well as writing.  I'm glad I checked this place out, and have added Anna as you suggested.  I'll check out that group as well!

At 6:50am on June 4, 2012, Nichole L. Reber said…

Actually, yes, I love that idea. Sounds like a triple win.

Sounds like everything you've thought to add is exactly what I'd suggest.

When would you like to post it? You're welcome to do it this month, if you'd like.


At 6:34am on March 21, 2012, Nichole L. Reber said…

Hi there! Glad to hear from you.

I'm super swamped. Just started my new university teaching job a few weeks ago and...well, it's crunch time this week bc our students have a sort of test to complete.

I am, however, writing A LOT. Just came up with an idea and wrote the entire piece last night. It's part of this new structure I'm working on-- the Brevity-style nonfiction piece.


Am meanwhile submitting one piece, trying to keep up with my blog posts, and editing two other works. Oye! The choppiness of my schedule entices me to complain, but realistically, Sandra, it keeps me extremely focused. Therefore adding to my productivity. Also the new location inspires me. Just since leaving the US on 1 March I've already started multiple pieces for potential publication, finished one, and determined a sort of schedule for the year. My writerly life has never been so regimented!


Fortunately I'm still able to read a bit, when my brain can't put forth literature but can imbibe it! Have come up with some substantial material for the two SW chats I'm now hosting. 

How's your book doing? Recovered yet from AWP? :) Has its release influenced your submissions? You've been a machine since the beginning of the year. Wa-how!

Will you be joining the SubMiss chat at 230 PM, Friday, 6 April?

Thanks for much for poking me. I haven't been in touch with anyone in a while and need to remember to do so. xoxo<:


At 1:30am on February 20, 2012, Nichole L. Reber said…

Ah, dunno why I was thinking AWP took place THIS weekend.

Excited for you that the book will soon be in your own, hard-working hands!

Re: the chat you & Anna will both be occupadas at AWP so it'll be me hosting-- which I love, of course. Suppose we should keep it at same time/day. Was concerned about my teaching schedule in Peru, though I've yet to hear even about my work visa (another thing of frustration lately) so...we'll proceed.

I'll let Anna know.


At 8:39pm on February 19, 2012, Nichole L. Reber said…

Checked out Fifth Wednesday Journal in order to consider submitting but couldn't find anything online to investigate. Hmmm...

Am sad that right now it's not taking CNF. :(

Meanwhile will check out Ashland Creek. Have gone through four pubs just today and none are even close to my work. Feeling deflated and demoralized... though I am reading an amazing, profound, intellectually/religiously deep novel called Devil on the Cross by the African novelist Ngugi.

Hey, did we ever figure out what the H we're gonna do for the next SubMiss chat?

How are ya? Did you enjoy the AWP?

At 9:07pm on February 9, 2012, Nichole L. Reber said…

Wasn't aware you live in Chicago, my home town. I miss it often.

Have you heard anything about hosting next month's Sub Miss chat? You and I discussed cohosting next month.

Still thinking about your book cover. Did I tell you it reminds me of one of my Galway Kinnell books?

Glad you like my blog. Today I wrote two posts for it. Part of my monthly goal is to publish 10 posts. Ten is the # bc as a subscriber to many blogs I find those who publish every day get to be annoying/grating quite soon. It's also a workable # for me as I'm focusing sometimes on journalism and sometimes on literary writing plus I've been traveling periodically for the past few months.

Regarding the Q&A: I'll formulate some questions and send them by tomorrow at the latest. Sound good?

At 4:49pm on January 6, 2012, Ellen Estilai said…

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the friend request.  Today's chat was very inspiring.  I look forward to many more.

At 9:26pm on January 5, 2012, Lori D'Angelo said…


Thanks for the tips. I need to get a manuscript together as in put stuff in one file. I can send it when I do. That'll be a goal for the next few weeks. Did you have subheadings and subsections or just poems? 

At 8:20pm on January 5, 2012, Lori D'Angelo said…

I'd love to see your manuscript too. I don't really have a manuscript. Just a bunch of poems, and I don't know how to assemble them. I have the same problem with short fiction. I don't know how or when to get to the next step of the collection. I guess I could just through it together. But it seems like there should be some method to the madness. What did you do? 

At 6:45pm on January 5, 2012, Lori D'Angelo said…

Thanks, Sandy! Congrats on winning a chapbook contest. I was going to enter one recently but accidentally missed the deadline. Also, I have no idea what I'm doing. I wish I could come to the chat tomorrow, but Fridays are my husband's day off, and we're going to a winery, and I don't know if we'll be back in time. 

At 12:51pm on November 13, 2011, Meg Waite Clayton said…

>At least they recycle your poems!


Resisting the urge to riff on this. :-)

At 8:12pm on November 11, 2011, Meg Waite Clayton said…

>Although I just received word that my chapbook will be published next year


I saw on your profile that you had one coming -- congrats!

At 8:11pm on November 11, 2011, Meg Waite Clayton said…

>(Also, if you are a poet, like me, you still get your SASEs back in the mail!)


You can't submit poetry by email or online? That's shocking! (And environmentally unfriendly.)

At 4:03pm on November 11, 2011, Meg Waite Clayton said…

>I was disappointed to receive 3 rejections in 24 hours. Hmph.


That is a bummer. But you're in good company. Julia Glass collected them for years before winning the National Book Award for her first novel. (You can read her "The Not Quite Yes" Here.)

At 1:06am on November 6, 2011, Candice W. Coghill said…
Congratulations on your chapbook ! :)
At 11:03am on June 13, 2011, Meg Waite Clayton said…
Sandra, Belated welcome to She Writes. I hope you're enjoying the site!

Meg Waite Clayton
Moderator, Novelist Group
Bestselling Author of The Four Ms. Bradwells and The Wednesday Sisters
At 8:31am on May 27, 2011, Kelli Swearingen said…

HI Sandra,

Welcome (belatedly) to Poetry Critique.

kelli s. rodin

At 10:07am on May 9, 2011, Julia Barry said…
Hi Sandra,

So glad you are here, and welcome to She Writes! 

You can check out the Getting Started section to help you find your way around, or a great way to jump in is to get involved with our Groups and Live Chats.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Warm best,
Julia Barry
Social Community Manager @ She Writes


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