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At 2:40pm on September 13, 2011, Michael Ann Riley said…
Oh good, I'm glad you liked it! It just seemed like it would be helpful. I think they do a great job with that blog and it's good info.
At 4:16pm on September 5, 2011, Michael Ann Riley said…

Hi Meagan. There's a really good blog that you might find interesting (in regards to your new book about kids and sports).  It's called Kids in Sports.


At 9:06am on June 10, 2011, Amber Medina West said…
Thanks for the request!
At 6:21pm on April 26, 2011, Meryl Jaffe said…
Thanks.  I'll give it another try!  Good luck again and congratulations.
At 10:46am on April 26, 2011, Meryl Jaffe said…

Congratulations, Megan.  Very exciting.  My first book is coming out 2012 and it is very exciting watching others as they come out.  I tried leaving a comment on your launch page but couldn't find where to leave an original one and not one tagging onto someone elses.  (I feel like a dinosaur!).


Let me know how, and I'll go back and do it.  In the meantime, Congratulations again!


At 5:55pm on April 6, 2011, Virginia Williams said…
Meagan, thank you so much for your kind words about my essay "Ashes," over on the Mother Writer page.
At 7:57am on March 31, 2011, Samantha Sotto Yambao said…
Yay! Finally found you! :D I just liked your page.
At 7:39am on March 31, 2011, Samantha Sotto Yambao said…

Hi again! I got an FB  notice that you posted on my wall, but when I clicked the link I got this:


CCould it be your privacy settings?

At 7:27am on March 31, 2011, Samantha Sotto Yambao said…
No worries. Good luck with sorting it out. :)
At 7:22am on March 31, 2011, Samantha Sotto Yambao said…
Hi! Just clicked it. It still went to my page. Has the link worked recently for other people? Maybe my laptop hates me :(
At 7:05am on March 31, 2011, Samantha Sotto Yambao said…

Hi, Meagan! I tried clicking the link you sent just now and it still direcred me to my personal home page. I've "liked" other FB pages today and didn't encounter the same problem. Faulty link? So strange!



At 10:34pm on March 29, 2011, Samantha Sotto Yambao said…

Hi Meagan!


Thanks! I've tried clicking your link and on the button on your website but it keeps redirecting me to my home page. Weird! I also tried searching for your page by typing it into the FB search box, but FB says it can't be found. I'll ask my hubby later to check on this. I might just be doing something wrong. I'll like your page as soon as I find it :D



At 6:16am on March 8, 2011, Meryl Jaffe said…

Hi Meagan.  I saw your comment on the discussion I started about 'expressing care' and loved what you added. I was wondering if you (or I) could add it to the post I wrote on my blog ( as it adds to the breadth and depth of the discussion there as well.  Please let me know if you want to do this, if you want me to do this, or if you prefer it not be added.



Meryl Jaffe

At 7:13pm on March 6, 2011, Holly Beck said…

To continue from last post:

Another worrying incident is that of David Parker who wanted the school to notify him when his Kindergartner would be taught gay marriage acceptance.  When attending the meeting he was told to go to in order to work things out, he was asked to leave.  When he refused to leave without a resolution he was arrested and jailed.  I am unsure if this was a public school meeting or not, but Parker was not reported as being disruptive (raised, voice etc)    This is a very interesting incident.  The school could have been including the book in order to teach acceptance of others and help keep anti-gay bullying from developing.  But I think this father has a right to ask for notification.  Just because he does not want his child taught that a gay lifestyle is ok, does not mean that his son would be taught to hate gay's, or bully others.  The school could have shared their concerns about bullying and made it clear that anti-gay behavior would not be tolerated. 

I agree that it really should be none of my business how others want to be married, however the track record for protection of my rights in these issues is so bad I think we have to object to the new definitions of marriage and fight for same sex unions to be addressed with a different term.

At 7:02pm on March 6, 2011, Holly Beck said…

Here is some more info to consider.  As a christian, I believe in some things that are not politically correct any more.  One is same sex "Marriage", another is that homosexual lifestyles are not right before God, another is that only in the case of rape or when the mothers life is in danger is abortion ok.  Now I can believe these things and not feel a need to limit the rights of others to believe otherwise.  I don't feel a need to take away all abortion rights, but I defend my right not to pay for abortions.

My concerns in all these issues can be illustrated by these instances, Dr.s that have been arrested because they refused to perform abortions based on their belief that abortion is a sin.  It seems to me that there are enough doctors out there that do not object to abortion that the doctors who do object should be able to refuse.  It seems to me that in these cases that the proponents of abortion want to take away my right to believe it is wrong.  That seems to be the norm when we get into these liberal rights issues.  If marriage is defined as a legal commitment between any two adults, same sex or man and woman, will our ministers be required to perform same sex marriages or be arrested?  Will our churches lose their tax free status if they do not sanction same sex marriage?  This is where my concerns lie.  I am perfectly happy for same sex couples to live as they think best.  Many times they are doing a better job of living faithful to each other, and having a healthy relationship than the rest of us.  But the groups that fight for liberal rights whatever they may be, seem unable to establish their right to do something, and leave us with the right not to do it.  continued in next post


At 10:52am on March 4, 2011, Holly Beck said…

I look forward to it. 

I would like to propose that we need to adhere to the historical meaning of Marriage.  A religious sacrament, uniting one man and one woman.  I have sympathy for those who want to form same gender unions, and my stand is not against them.  In our country we have to think carefully about how things are defined.  Allowing a change in the definition of marriage can have serious legal ramifications beyond just allowing same sex couples to have the label "married".  Broadening the definition can force organizations to have to accept these marriages or face legal penalties.  This is ok when you are filing taxes or something.  It is a far different thing though, when it can force churches or other organizations that believe same sex unions are against their beliefs, into compromising situations.  Many issues in this country must be looked at from this legal angle.  These changes can come with a lot of unexpected baggage.

At 6:29pm on March 3, 2011, Holly Beck said…

Meagan, I loved your blog on Marriage/Sad Boy.  I was just reading about the situation with President Obama, the DOMA and defining marriage.  I think that could be a very important topic to blog on. 

Family foundations make us all what we are as people and as countrymen.

At 12:53pm on February 18, 2011, Muriel Jacques said…
Thanks Meagan, so am I.
At 10:31am on February 18, 2011, Muriel Jacques said…

Hi Meagan!


Thanks for your comment on my blog! I had a look at yours and I liked it...



At 10:16am on February 18, 2011, Patty Chang Anker said…
Meagan!!  I'm so happy you reached out.  1) if the pics on my blog made you hungry, you are an ADVENTUROUS eater! 2) Your blog made me laugh out loud - I love that you live at 3 Ring Circus, USA and that you're dealing with the subject of marriage.  I married my high school sweetheart (it's 25 years together this year!) so we've definitely traveled some road already - can't wait for your book and will be looking out for you here! 


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