Vin Decoder Helps A Lot In Vin Verification
Written by
ethel zylstra
July 2016
Written by
ethel zylstra
July 2016

VIN is quite important not only for vehicles but also for vehicle owners and manufacturers as well, as it provides various essential information related to the vehicle which is really very important for VIN verification. As soon as the vehicle is launched in the market, VIN verification is needed before someone buys it in order to make sure that the vehicle is completely safe for use by the public on the roads plus it is also fit for the environment as well.

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In fact, VIN verification is a legit process in a number of major countries like Canada, USA, California, etc. where it is illegal to sell a vehicle without its VIN verification. I know majority of you people do not understand any of this, so let us start from the beginning.


VIN is an abbreviated form of vehicle identification number. Just as fingerprints act for humans, vehicle identification number acts for vehicles. It is a unique number for each and every vehicle be it a car, a bike or a bicycle and it provides important related information about a particular vehicle.

VIN is commonly used by the police department for investigation of a case, or by common people for buying or selling of a car to get accurate information related to a specific vehicle, for warranty claims, and for theft and insurance coverage, etc. VIN usually provides manufacturing details, engine details, model number and year, and some other important information.

VIN Verification:

VIN verification is the confirmation that the newly launched vehicle is completely safe to be used by the public and in the public areas and there is no threat to the environment regarding this vehicle.

In VIN verification, it is made sure that the specific vehicle totally lives up to the Federal Safety Standards of a particular state and the Smog Emission Standards of that state. The VIN number of the vehicle, the Emission and Federal Safety Labels and the odometer is checked under VIN verification.

How VIN Decoder Helps in VIN Verification:

A VIN decoder is the one that decodes the vehicle identification number which is 17 characters long and a mix of alphabets and numbers. The decoder breaks the VIN down so that proper information can be given related to the vehicle. Here is an example of BMW vin decoder, have a look. The decoder decodes VIN and make it is easy to perform VIN verification.

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