Wontumi Yεn/ You Can’t Challenge Us
Written by
Akosua Biraa
June 2016
Written by
Akosua Biraa
June 2016

Kakra Metumi was the only one of her twin-pair to survive the arduous birth. She was born at a time when the top foliage of the Asante forest was so dense that anyone walking—along the very few pathways—beneath it, would find herself perspiring while cautiously navigating a rather humid environment – layered upon a thick carpet of unwieldy emerald-green undergrowth. In those days, the forest was inhabited by only the brave; a small cluster of families who migrated from the far North civilizations in search of self-determination. This pioneering group, descendants of Ntim Kontuni, left the safe confines of the walled city of Songhai – forgetting paternal links and abandoning all manner of finery. They followed their great grand-mother—Akosua Konadu—into an unknown wilderness, where they were to fulfill the powerful potential of freedom. Their journey took several moons and was replete with much hardship and near starvation, yet still both the elderly and the children amongst them – held fast to the stronger ones and their faith in Akosua Konadu. They trusted that a mother would never lead her children into unknown danger, if it were not because it was the right thing to do. Besides this, everyone knew that Onyame nkrabea nni kwatibea: divine destiny could never be forfeited, avoided or disobeyed. And so it must be that they fulfilled the foretelling of this exodus by Okomfo Nokyr3, many years after she had spoken of the Separation: when ten families of the Songhai Ran empire must pick up with resolve and move out, taking nothing but their bare bones and strong hearts; enduring countless months of death-tempting sufferation, until they found themselves in a thick and muggy fog of evergreen fecundity. There, they will consolidate their tumi (power to make the impossible possible) – starting with the birthing of a long line of matrilineal people, through the coming of an only-(twin)-child to be named Kakra Metumi.

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