Thinking of You
Written by
Kimberly Hall
June 2016
Written by
Kimberly Hall
June 2016

I cant re-read what ive written about you

I dont want to call you

I want you to call me and act like i dont care

Who's laying who?

Were playing each other

I tell you the issue

And you react

But your reaction is too late

Now you want me to be how I use to

And Im not

Im really just not

That ship has sailed

But Im not going to say

That not hearing your voice is easy

Its hard

And it only happens when Im alone

I spent two weeks thinking of you

Calling you

You being busy

I guess that was in reaction to me

I got tired of being dragged along

Waiting for you to get it together

Knowing I dont have me

I understand both sides

And the only result is time

You want to wait

I want to go

When we both should be waiting

Let's be friends

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