Essential Features Your Siding Should Have
Written by
ethel zylstra
June 2016
Written by
ethel zylstra
June 2016

With so many options available in the market, one can become confused when it comes to the choice of the building material for your homes. A brief research on the properties of the material chosen, its cost and efficiency can help you make the best decision in designing your dream home. A house’s façade is a layer of protection and you should check the following qualities to save your time, money and efforts in choosing the material that will make the siding of your house or office;

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  • Water Proofing:

You cannot allow water in your house at any cost as it will damage your internal materials and add dampness in your walls. Wood cladding needs to have a water proofing finish. Plaster and stucco siding is recommended in areas where rainfall is frequent.

  • Durability or Long Life:

You need to make sure that the material you choose should stand firm for many years to come. Stone and brick sidings are considered to be durable. They also resist the temperature swings in many extreme climates. Wood on the other hand is not considered a very durable material, since it can show cracks and may need replacement.

  • Cost and Ease of Installation:

If you like to experiment with the finish of your house and keep changing it after every 3-4 years, then you might go for vinyl siding because of many options available and ease of installation. Make sure that overall cost of siding fits your budget.

  • Energy Efficiency:

A material should be able to keep heat out in summer and keep house warm in winters. If you live in a hot climate, then glass cladding is not a god option since it will increase your air conditioning load causing increased bill amounts. Stone and brick are recommended in hot climates. Vinyl siding can be used in cold climates. Check the R-rating of a material to determine if it is energy efficient. Siding companies in Plymouth Michigan can give you free consultation about this subject.

  • Aesthetics:

Your house needs to look beautiful since you may build a house once in a lifetime. Weather conditions should not stain the look of your house. Hence stone, fiber cement and brick give a beautiful finish to the house without wearing out. Vinyl is often not chosen frequently because it gives a plastic type look, often looking pale and dull. Metal cladding is also not chosen for less aesthetic value.

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