One Yield
Written by
Kimberly Hall
June 2016
Written by
Kimberly Hall
June 2016

Ive dealt with your family

Kept your secrets

And even started overlooking them

I spent money

I made time

I was intentional

Willing to jump when you wanted to

Even if I was tired

Ive reached out to you

Came running back to

How long can I stay without you?

I dont even want to think that

Cause if I do Im not gonna live up to it

Or at least I havent

But that was the past

And this is now

I would think that now Ive moved on

I could give myself a number

But deep inside I know thats unwise

I must take it one day at a time

I know Im done because Im not constantly thinking of you

Wondering when you'll call or text

Im just chilling

Trying to know God

And do me

Thats what it was in the beginning

Now sin has separated us from God

Sin has separated us from each other

God has forgiven

So have we

So why are we separated physically?

Because God knows thats where we messed up

I tried to hold on emotionally

But I just ended up getting hurt

So now after a year and some change

I reside

Not going for three plus years again


Did it once and never again

I put my relationship with God on the line for you

Skipped class for you

Stayed up late nights for you

Kept my cool for you

Forgave you

Ive yielded a year to you

Now its time to ride through

Let's be friends

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