To My Mother
Written by
Kimberly Hall
June 2016
Written by
Kimberly Hall
June 2016

So busy I dont see about you

Look by my side and there you are

A face glowing in light

My being jumps for joy

Leaving everything behind

Push the barrier thats seperating us

And there you are.

I greet you for a nurturing embrace

You greet me with a kiss of love

I should know that love isnt just talk

You've shwed me for years what love is.

Its going out of your own way

To get to the other person.

A willingness to go through the ups and downs

Walking with them through the hardest and best of times

Trusting them with the most precious of things

Taking them out of the ordinary

Taking them on a journey to the extraordinary

Investing your money

Giving your time



Till death parts you.

And one day,

He will do these things for me

And I will thank God everyday for him.

Until then,

I have you

For as long as the Lord allows me to

And when he says you've done all you can

I will carry on the love you have shown

Let's be friends

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