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  • Why Edinburgh’s Quartermile Apartments Make A Perfect Second Home
Why Edinburgh’s Quartermile Apartments Make A Perfect Second Home

Edinburgh is a beautiful city that has become an increasingly popular place to live. It’s not hard to see why. The city is home to art and culture, a prosperous job market and a healthy economy.

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The apartments in Edinburgh’s Quartermile are designed as a safe and stylish homestead that grants access to everything you could possibly need, making them ideal for those looking for a second home.

The Apartments

Quartermile apartments have been lovingly crafted and designed by Foster + Partners – a name synonymous with top-notch integrated design and architecture. All apartments available on Quartermile present a high quality and modern finish, with only the charm and comfort that a luxury apartment can offer.

From a gorgeous interior, to a stylish and modern exterior design, the apartments of Meadows Peak stand testament to the artistic beauty of Quartermile architecture.

The modern new builds located in Quartermile tower over the city, making for some incredible views of Edinburgh Castle and Arthurs Seat across Edinburgh’s remarkable skyline. This makes for not only a stylish second home, but also a safe one.

Residents are well taken care of in Quartermile, largely in part to their tireless concierge service. Comprehensive CCTV coverage of the site and regular staff patrols of the grounds add to the security that Quartermile can provide its residents and business owners. Safety is paramount to those living ‘apartment life’, and Quartermile knows this all too well. 

The properties in Quartermile come at a wide range of sizes and prices, to work with anyone’s budget. There are also many on-site conveniences for all residents in the form of its retail lots, with the promise of more stores to come.

The cosmopolitan complex isn’t completely finished yet either, new and exciting developments are happening for Quartermile in the future, with a goal of 900 modern apartments and conversions to be erected.

Living in a Quartermile apartment, you would be within walking distance of PureGym, Fitness Chicks, and The Meadows Park – for those looking to keep healthy and work out. There are also cafes and well-known brands such as Starbucks and Sainsburys located on-site.

The City of Edinburgh

Not only are residents paying for top-class treatment and stylish living on-site, they’re also paying to live in one of Britain’s most thriving and exciting cities; Edinburgh. Quartermile is located right in the centre, and provides access to the best Edinburgh has to offer.

The city is bursting with character and culture, and is on the rise as one of the most popular places to live in the country – rivalling popularity with London. In Edinburgh you can enjoy the majesty of The Royal Mile and take in the beautiful buildings of time long past in Old Town.

Residents are in close proximity of some other important points of interest in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle is just a short walk away, as is the Scottish Nation Art Galleries, for those looking to learn a bit more about Scotland’s history.

Just a 15-minute walk from Quartermile you’ll come across well-renowned shopping hotspot Princes Street with world-famous brands such as Swarovski, House of Fraser and many more.

Edinburgh is a city of culture that holds some of the biggest festivals and attractions not only in the UK, but also the world. To be a stones-throw away from the action when The Edinburgh Fringe comes around is just one of the many reasons why Quartermile apartments are some of Edinburgh’s most wanted.

The city also brags practical accessibility through its impressive transport links. Quartermile is a 30 minute drive from Edinburgh international Airport and a 15-minute walk from Waverly Train Station. Be it by plane, train or cruise-liner, Quartermile Is well-connected, making for a great second home and an easy destination for potential visitors.  

For those looking for a comfortable and gorgeous abode where you can guarantee being safe and well entertained, then you need only look to Quartermile – where everything is taken care of.

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