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I experienced the art of Dali

Last week I visited The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida, located on the waterfront near the local university, a peaceful setting boasting blue skies and aqua water. The exhibit inside was a stranger sight with art created by the Spanish son Salvador Dali, who turned into the most sought after surrealist artist of the world.

Even those who haven’t seen his art most probably recognize him with his large mustache and popping eyes ~ he was the master of promotion and used his sense of humor to draw everyone into his world.

His surreal work is known for the melting clocks and watches, his bizarre use of ordinary objects for the unexpected, and samples of his creations were there in the gallery. However there was much more to notice. The way he painted the tiniest details, the cracks, the faces, so much precision in each work. The illusions he created with the canvas, first you see two nuns, then you discover it’s an old woman . . .  He was a genius of the multidimensional technique.

Even more fortunate, I visited the museum while they had a special display.

Dare To Dream

Disney & Dali: Architects of the Imagination

The two men, Dali and Disney, had much in common and both approached life as a canvas for their art.

They enriched the lives of all people with their talents and we owe much to these trail blazers of the modern design world and marketing promotion ideals. Both men took their creativity to new levels, despite the naysayers, and brought forward an honest new approach.

Together they created the movie Destino which was a fantastical film artwork.

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