This blog was featured on 08/27/2016
How to Get More Wattpad Reads

Ever wonder how to increase your reads and feedback on Wattpad? Wattpad has more than 40 million members and is a great way to get your writing noticed. I even had the opportunity to work on a publicity campaign for Ashley Royer - 17-year-old winner of a coveted Watty award and author of her just released fan fiction to novel, Remember to Forget.

Here are Ashley's tips for getting your writing noticed on Wattpad

And below, an infographic from Stop Procrastinating about how you, too, can get more reads on Wattpad. Leave a comment below and tell us if you've ever used Wattpad for your writing. 

Tell us, have you used Wattpad to share your writing?

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  • Cate Hogan

    Great article! I recently interviewed one of my writing clients about how she managed to achieve 2.1 million reads (and growing) for one of her books on the site. Wattpad has proven to be a great source of beta readers, and reader metrics. You can check the article out here:

  • Valerie Ipson

    Yes, what SnowWingedHunter said. A writing acquaintance told me, put your book on Wattpad and ask to be a featured author, saying that was the secret to success. I asked to be a featured author and they said no, not till my entire book was posted. Then when it was all posted, I went to ask again and they said they weren't taking any more requests until August. There are so many books on Wattpad, but it's hard to find something I actually want to read.

  • SnowWingedHunter

    Yes, this is all good and so, but how do you actually get readers when there are so many promoted books and the new authors could only get reads by licking others' boots? I mean there are the older wattpad member whose books have already reached a high number of reads and in the meanwhile they get more and more. And those books are shown to most people. But what about the new members, whose books are at a low ranking and they nearly never got reads? So my question is: how can a NEW wattpad member get reads without tricks and all those things?

  • Valerie Ipson

    Thanks, Susanne! I think I haven't done enough reading of other's work so I haven't become familiar with all the voting and things like that. Readers have voted and commented on mine, but I didn't know how they were doing it. I haven't found a place on the Wattpad site that explains that process. The suggestion to 'put a call to action' at the end of each chapter...does that mean just add a couple sentences at the end of your text or do you put it somewhere else?

  • K. Diann Shope

    Yes, I have tried to use Wattpad for a YA novel.  I did it with the 50,000 words in a month campaign.  My book was already written and pretty clean, and I just posted mini-chapters every day until I had about 25,000 words.  I tried to leave some suspense. I did not have a cover design.  I think the cover is a big deal and mine is in the works now and I will try again on Wattpad. I don't know if anyone even read it, and I got no comments.  I couldn't figure out how to get attention. It was very discouraging.  I did read other people's material.  Most of it is pretty bad, but I did give some positive comments to a few writers whose work I thought was promising.  I appreciate all the suggestions you have given in this article, and I will try again, using them.  Thanks!  

  • Susanne Barrett

    Lauren, yes there has been some plagiarism in the past, some of it in ignorance (done by 12 year olds taking a story from another website and posting it without the author's permission) and some of it quite on purpose. Wattpad does what they can to minimize plagiarism, but it does happen occasionally. 

    Valerie, you follow other writers you like, or follow back writers/readers who follow you. You usually engage with readers in the comments each time you post a chapter. And you vote for chapters you read and like. It takes a while to gather a loyal following on Wattpad; it took me about nine months of posting once or twice a week, plus reading and commenting on similar stories before I gained a solid fan base. It definitely requires a significant investment of work and time to gain a nice following.

    Please feel free to ask me further questions; I've been on Wattpad for 5 1/2 years so far. :)


    Susanne :) 

  • Valerie Ipson

    I love the infographic! I was hoping Ashley's post would cover some of those things more specifically--like how to get featured and what the Hotlist is. I've figured out the basics and have added my story on Wattpad over the last several weeks, I just can't figure out how the following and the voting works. How do you engage with your readers?  

  • Lauren Salkin

    I've heard that some Wattpad users have been plagiarized. Is that true?

  • Valerie Ipson

    I'm currently using Wattpad, so I'm excited to dig a little deeper into these tips for ways to improve my success.

  • Interesting post. I'm not familiar with Wattpad. I don't write for teens so probably won't use it, but it's interesting to know what is out there.

  • Susanne Barrett

    I've been posting my writings on Wattpad since late 2010, and I've gained a loyal readership and over 3 million reads. It helps if your book has a teen audience, though, especially teen girls, since they seem to be the vast majority of Wattpad readers. My genre is teen lit, so Wattpad has worked very well for me. Both of my novels were featured and both hit the #1 spot in the genres multiple times. Weekly posting is a must unless you already have a devoted readership. Although I had to stop writing about 18 months ago for health reasons, I still receive follows and comments on a daily basis.  

  • I have used wattpad a few years, and i love it :D
    They give feedback and tells me what they think of my story. They also comment on the things i can do better to help me with my writi g :)
    I love wattpad, and i am glad i joind the community ^^,

    Visit my wattpad profil here if you want to talk or ask me something. Or just to chat :)