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  • How to Make Money Writing Short Romance Novels -- Really Good Money!
How to Make Money Writing Short Romance Novels -- Really Good Money!
Written by
Yuwanda Black
May 2016
Written by
Yuwanda Black
May 2016

Yesterday, I uploaded the 2nd edition of How to Make Money Writing Romance, an ebook I first published in the fall of 2014. I combed through 20 months of income statistics from four different outlets, ie: Amazon, B&N, Google Play and All Romance Ebooks. 

For three solid days, I stared bleary-eyed at Excel sheet after Excel sheet of ebook titles, dates, copies sold, returns and earnings, I started thinking, “Hmm, I wonder what my numbers will look like a year from now?”

Why was I thinking that? Because I’ve been self-publishing ebooks since 2002, and of the 90 or so titles I’ve published, 42 are fiction -- short romance novellas.

How Short is Short?

Most of my romance novellas fall in the 15,000 to 30,000-word range. My shortest is just under 10,000 words (Just Sex Please) -- which went on to become a highly  popular series. My longest is right at 40,000 words (Priced Out of Love, Part I), one of my best-selling series to date. (Post continued below)

What Is Standard Novel Length?

Books this short are referred to as shorts, novelettes, and novellas, depending on which source you read. The point is, they're nowhere near standard novel length, which, according most sources, start at around the 60,000-word mark (and that's considered a "short novel").

I prefer writing shorts because I have a bit of an ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) type of personality, so I don't get bored with my characters. As a writer, I feel that you should know your "writer personality." It's a big part of determining whether you succeed or not. Switching gears a bit ...

How Amazon's KU Subscription Program Affected Romance Novel Sales

I started writing romance seriously in 2014. I wrote my first one in 2013, and it was almost a year later that I turned my attention back to it again. Since 2014, I've written over 40 "shorties".

Over $3,000 in One Month Writing Romance

In my best month, I earned over $3,200. Amazon's KU program, which was introduced in the summer of 2014, dried sales up -- but even with that, I realized that for almost two years, I've average over $1,1000 per month writing romance -- and in five of those months, I published nothing.

So far this year (2016), I haven't published anything, but I'm hopping back on the romance writing bandwagon. I'll be publishing 12 from now until the end of the year. 

So yeah, there's still good money to be made as a romance writer -- really good money.

How Much Can YOU Earn as a Romance Writer? 

In "How to Make Money Writing Romance," I share 20 months of sales figures with you. This ebook is  the definitive guide to making money writing short romance novels, covering such topics as ...

• Marketing I’ve tried that worked well;
• Which outlets sell the best;
• The best way to format your novel to upload quickly;
• Insight into Audiobooks;
• Mistakes I made as a self-published romance author;
• Whether or not it's worth it to enroll in Amazon's KU program;
• My experience hiring ghostwriters;
• Tested insights into how to price your romance novel to sell … and a whole lot more.

Start Your Romance Writing Career Today

I've learned a lot since I first started publishing romance in 2013. I spill all of it in this book. Get it now, and drastically improve your chance of success as a romance writer. 

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