My review of Anne Clermont's arc LEARNING TO FALL
Written by
Rebecca Laclair
April 2016
Written by
Rebecca Laclair
April 2016

Anne Clermont's LEARNING TO FALL is a heart-in-the-throat tale of seeking one’s destiny. Brynn Seymour, a show jumping rider, is thrust into impossibly challenging circumstances, struggling to make the right choices and put to rest the family tragedy that alternately paralyzes and pushes her beyond her limits.
Great novels about horses are few and far between, and LEARNING TO FALL, with its insights into the cutthroat, dangerous and glamorous world of show jumping, fits neatly into ones that stick with you, like Nicholas Evans’s THE HORSE WHISPERER, Sara Gruen's RIDING LESSONS, and Elizabeth Letts's EIGHTY DOLLAR CHAMPION. 
LEARNING TO FALL captures the world of show jumping: the poetry and pageantry, the heartbreak of defeat, and the heart-soaring joy of triumph. Not to mention the oversized egos and off-the-charts dreamers. The scents of soap and saddle leather and the tack room permeate each page. Clermont has clearly lived the life she writes about, and each page sizzles with dramatic authenticity. I found myself eagerly devouring every delicious detail.
Anne Clermont's LEARNING TO FALL is the rare debut novel that's poised to capture generations of readers. Highly recommended.

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    Thank you for this beautiful review, Rebecca! I'm so glad you loved it!