Written by
Di Hooson
April 2016
Written by
Di Hooson
April 2016

It's been well over a week since I updated my blog on She Writes. It's also been a week since I did any writing....

There is a reason for this, my partner needed my help and so my writing took a back seat. Now though and fingers crossed I can start again. 

It's been an odd week, I that I couldn't log onto the site for about three days. I've no idea why but the site was not accessible to me. I also had a couple days where I considered my writing worthless and not up to much. In general, I felt that I was wasting my life away. Maybe some kind of midlife crisis?????

I hope not because I haven't got the time for this type of crisis to happen. I need to concentrate on my novel and plough on with as few distractions as possible!!!!

Hopefully, now I'm back on track and will be accessing this site to its full potential.

I'm hoping to make some friends as well as mentors and critics.... of the constructive kind, ofcourse. 

Let's be friends

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