Raising the Elderly

Things have been unsettled. March third, while we were out of town, Ken fell off the front porch. EMS was called, xrays at the hospital, no broken bones but black eye, scrapes, bruises.We got home five days later. He started falling often. Six times in two weeks where we had to get him up. The sixth time he was so week he couldn't get his feet under him. EMS again, three days in hospital, and he fell three times.  The doctor decided he needed twenty one days in the rehab facility. The first night he got up without his walker and fell, hitting the corner of the dresser. He needed 14 stitches and 5 staples. He is getting stronger but his brain has been in another reality. He keeps thinking he's at a motel, looking for which room we are in, asking for a larger bed so his wife can sleep in his room. It's been alarming to see such a rapid decline. Last night he was actually close to normal. Maybe it's just a rattled brain from all the falls.

In the meantime, Polly has been angry that he is there. She keeps saying to just bring him home and she will take care of him. She can't walk, prepare food or take care of herself. She's accused us of lying to her and trying to get him admitted to nursing care.

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