Written by
Di Hooson
April 2016
Written by
Di Hooson
April 2016

Well the permission to write, that I've committed myself to, is continuing (I know it's only day 2) but all this is happening in the midst of me tearing a muscle around my facet joint, in my back. I'm dosed up with meds and can't really do much but I've got my laptop and beavered on this morning. 

I am pleased with myself. The dogs are feeling a bit miserable since they've not had their morning walk before the laptop appears and they've made their gloominess noticed by wanting to sit on my lay, alongside the laptop and several soft toys. 

I've found it really liberating and I'm enjoying the freedom to just write the scene/chapter as I see it. I've done a little rewrite, writing a 1st draft without correction, now that's difficult!!! But I'm determined to write the scene and I've posted a comment to add detail etc. 

So it's happening v- I'm writing and I'M LOVING IT. 

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