The Dreamer In Every Writer (Need Feedback?)

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“A dreamer will not stop having that dream until it has been fulfilled” -J. Wilson

    Some time ago, I wrote a few posts on the dreamer in all of us.  At times, we even sabotage ourselves so that a particular dream doesn’t come to fruition.

    Other times, though, life just gets in the way; and we find ourselves with choices that we wished we didn’t have to make.  Dreams get put on hold, or given up altogether as we are forced to go down a different path from the one we dreamed about and hoped for.

    Years pass as do various cycles of ups and downs that come with each lifetime; but, your dream still waits for you…yearning for that moment when you decide to return to it.  By this point, you’re wondering if you still got “it.”   Is the muse still with you?  Can you still put into words those images and voices that have been locked up in your mind for so long?

“There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance.” -Rachel Griffiths
    Dreams deserve second chances.
    Don’t they???
    So, you sit down in the chair, and pen a story.  One that’s been pestering you for ages.  Done.  Finished.
    Now, what?
    You need a reader.  Some one to give feedback on your story.
    Take a deep breath, dear writer.  I like to give this feedback.
Here are my prerequisites:
    1. You’re still unpublished
    2. You’re 21 years old or older
    3. Story is fiction, and is 2,500 words or less
    The feedback I’ll provide will be mainly for the content of your story (how does the story flow, are there any plot holes, are the characters interesting enough, and so on).
    Still with me?
     Go to my Contact page, or if you prefer, use the comment section at the end of this post:
    1. Tell me what prompted you to return to your dream
    2. A brief description of the story you’d like feedback on
    This opportunity will remain open until March 31st.   Two winners will then be selected by no later than April 3rd. At that time I will contact the winners for their stories.

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