Raising the Elderly

About two years ago, my husband and I were living in beautiful Canyon Lake, Tx. Our only problem was we were too far to get many visits from kids and grandkids. We started talking about moving closer to the DFW area. Then, his parents were becoming in need of assistance. We offered to find a house with an area for them or they could move to an assisted living facility. They chose to live with us.

We found a house with private bedroom, sitting area and bathroom, did some updating and moved them in. It was a very difficult move for all of us. It was hard for them to let go of all their things but we got them settled in. Next we sold their house in about two weeks, worked on setting them up with new doctors and got their insurances sorted out. This is when we started hearing, "we were trying to control their lives."

Getting used to food likes/dislikes, schedules, boundaries has been a long process. Ken hasn't been able to figure out how to run the oven or stove, or the toaster oven. We had to get a toaster for him to make toast. I was dismayed when we realized we couldn't let him heat up creamed corn without burning it. He can use the microwave.

Years ago, I got to help each of my parents when they were in need. It wasn't always easy but we certainly had a trust in each other that made things easier to deal with.I can't understand the suspicion, lack of trust we've experienced with Ken and Polly. I'll talk more about incidents in a bit.

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  • Judy Douglass

    Susan, so sorry it's been so hard.  Praying grace and mercy for all of you.