Marketing Versus Creativity
Written by
Kaye Curren
March 2016
Written by
Kaye Curren
March 2016

I have had a heck of a time balancing my writing with my marketing.  It seems they are different vibes,  require different skills and are splitting my personality.  When I start looking for places to send my work, I feel I lose touch with who I am.  

1) My stuff doesn’t fit the publication

2) The writing is so edgy and out there and I'm not edgy.   

3) Why would the world need another writer?  There are so many good ones.

I can tell you now – the writer in me is happier.  When I’m writing, I enjoy even the stinky rough drafts.  I love the research. I get crazy about the developing drafts as they begin to form like a painting – in layers.  There’s magic in the writing.

But marketing is hard.  I guess it has to do with selling myself.  I don’t really want to sell myself. I want them to just love me as I am.  And I want to avoid rejection at all costs.

I wonder if there is a therapist who specializes in writers who can’t stand marketing their work.

I threw the question out to my writer friends and here’s what they came back with:

             Julie:  "I think marketing cheapens my artistic output.  I want to protect my poems."

             Andrea:  "I see marketing as ruthless promotion – it’s just not me."


Sylvia (who has many successes both writing and marketing):  "I see marketing my       writing as an opportunity to share what I have to say. I try to find people who would genuinely be interested in what I have to say and show them what I have to offer."


I’m hoping Sylvia’s outlook and attitude rub off on me.  I think I’ll see if I have anything for Huffington Post or Hippocampus Magazine. And as I do, I chant - Anything is possible. Anything is possible.

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