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  • Role Of The Internet In The Development Of Education
Role Of The Internet In The Development Of Education
Written by
Edina Clark
March 2016
Written by
Edina Clark
March 2016

The internet is one of the amazing inventions of technology. It has affected life in a great manner. There would hardly be a single field of life that is spared from the effects of the internet. Be it health, communication or entertainment, one can easily observe the great impact that the internet has on these fields.

Like many other fields, the internet also has a great impact on the field of education. It is playing a very significant role in the development of education. Know more about its role below:

Distance education:

Distance education which is also called online education, is a new mode of education. It allows people to get education from the comforts of their home. It is easily accessible, affordable and provides people with the freedom of choice. There is no restriction of time in the online educational system; neither do people need to follow a fixed schedule. People can get education at any time of the day or night according to their convenience. This is why, online education is considered best for people who have other responsibilities like jobs to do along with their studies. There are a number of online institutions that offer degree courses to people at a very reasonable fee. However, in such a mode of education, the student must be dedicated enough to give sufficient time on a regular basis to the online lectures as well as the completion of all the assignments on time.

Improved learning:

The internet has improved the way of learning. It helps students in learning new things about not just their respective study field, but also about other things that are a part of their life. They can easily find out lectures of renowned people that are related to their respective study area on internet. They can use these lectures to learn new things about their study field. It has also improved the use of educational technology in the classroom. Many new devices are introduced in the classroom, which help them in learning interactively as well innovatively. Therefore, at the end of it all, one is left with a wholesome learning experience, which is quite inevitable due to the advancements today.

Source of information:

Saying this will not be wrong that the internet is an ocean of knowledge and information. It is no doubt the great source of information where people can find information about anything. Students can use it for finding out information about their respective courses or subjects and also for making their essays, assignments and research papers. Teachers can also use it for preparing their lectures. Make sure to immerse yourself in this ocean of knowledge and become much learned after using the different sources of information that you are provided with while using the internet.

Source of communication:

Internet provides students a chance to communicate with their friends, classmates and teachers through social networking platforms. They cannot just connect with their classmates but also with the people who are related to their respective study field. They can hold discussions about their routine class activities online. They can transfer information, data and files and can also submit their assignments and essays online. The internet has provided such convenience to the students of today, which they must use to their advantage in order to excel in their particular fields of study.

Author Bio:

Edina Clark is one of those amazing high school teachers who always want to serve their students in all dimensions. Besides being a teacher, her love of writing on educational blogs has led him towards can someone write my essay. She has also won an award for some of his publications.


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