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Need An Author Platform? Use Ours!
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
February 2016
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
February 2016

We've all heard it: authors need platform. This word was new to the authorial lexicon in the mid-aughts, when my vision for She Writes was just coming into focus, but I knew that it meant trouble for writers. How could authors, whose true job (and true nature) is to devote themselves to their writing, possibly write AND put in the endless energy and time needed to create online "followings" sufficient to impress publishers and build audiences for their work? 

How could every single author possibly do it alone?

Then it occurred to me. If a group of writers built a platform TOGETHER, it would be a platform we all could stand on. Six years later, that's what She Writes is, a platform for all of us. And today we are officially putting out the call for new, regular contributors to the She Writes blog. 

Do you have something to say about creativity? Writing? Publishing, polishing, persevering? Do you have an idea for a feature that would include interviews with other writers or people in the publishing industry? Reaching out to people in publishing (like editors, well-known authors, or agents) with She Writes at your back is easier than doing it alone.

We can only take a limited number of columnists, but we hope you'll consider pitching us on why you should be one of them. Like many community websites, we don't pay right now. But while I've never been paid in cash for the more than two hundred blogposts I've contributed here over the last six years (both on this page and as The Salonniere), the benefits I have reaped have been real and enormous. Never mind how helpful it was to tell publishers, when I was pitching my last project, that I have a blog that reaches almost thirty thousand women writers (aka readers) every time I post, or how helpful it was to have this community to share my latest novel with. The dividends for my writing have been just as rich. I have put questions to this community that I desperately needed answers to. (Do you outline? Any suggestions for naming characters? Who here has self-published, and what did you think of the experience?) I have reached out for support in my darkest hours (dealing with rejection), and celebrated with all of you when I've achieved my writing goals (finishing my last manuscript). If you are willing to be generous and thoughtful, thorough and inspiring, and commit to posting monthly or bimonthly, these rewards can be yours, too.

And don't forget -- if you are a publishing industry expert or professional, whether an editor, publicist, agent or writing teacher, contributing to the She Writes blog is an opportunity to show off your knowledge to a group who cares.

To get a sense of what we look for at She Writes, please spend some time on the She Writes blog reading posts and getting a sense of the voice and content we feature. If you are interested--or simply have questions--email Kristin Bustamante, our Chief Content Officer, at [email protected], today. The fastest way to get featured? Start blogging! Simply sign in to She Writes, click on "My Blog" and add a new post! We're always looking for fresh content from the community.

I would love to welcome you to the team.

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  • Irene Allison

    Kamy, I think this was / is a truly ingenious idea! And I'm grateful that you built this platform. There is something truly special about coming together in a community to support one another. Just brilliant! Thank you!

  • Patricia Robertson

    Kamy, glad you qualified your comment on pay by saying right now. Recently found out that multi-million dollar Huffington Post not only doesn't pay their writers, but boasts about that, saying that somehow that made their writers more genuine, or something of that sort. I understand not paying bloggers when just starting out and not paying new bloggers who have yet to prove their value, however not paying writers who have been consistently putting out quality content and bringing in thousands of dollars for an organization like Huffington does, is just wrong. 

  • B. Lynn Goodwin

    Here's a quick contribution: If you write mini-memoirs, consider submitting your best work to Writer Advice's Flash Memoir Contest. We give great feedback. Deadline is March 1. Details and Submittable link are at

    Writer Advice Managing Editor,
    Author of YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers & Author of TALENT