First thirteen colonies (later states)
Written by
Liberty J. Freedom
February 2016
Written by
Liberty J. Freedom
February 2016

New England colonies

  1. Province of Massachusetts Bay, later Massachusetts and Maine, crown colony
  2. Province of New Hampshire, later New Hampshire, crown colony
  3. Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, later Rhode Island, crown colony
  4. Connecticut Colony, later Connecticut, crown colony

Middle colonies

  1. Province of New York and Vermont, later New York and Vermont, crown colony
  2. Province of New Jersey, later New Jersey, crown colony
  3. Province of Pennsylvania, later Pennsyylvania, proprietary colony
  4. Delaware Colony, previously Lower Counties on Delare, proprietary colony

Southern colonies

  1. Province of Maryland, later Maryland, proprietary colony
  2. Colony and Dominion of Virginia, later Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia, crown colony
  3. Province of North Carolina, later North Carolina and Tennessee, crown colony
  4. Province of South Carolina, later South Carolina, crown colony
  5. Province of Georgia, later Georgia and northern parts of Alabama and Mississippi, crown colony, 

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