If I were a real writer...
Your article touched me deeply. I have said to myself many times "if you were a real writer you would be published" and the older I get the louder it sounds. I spent my younger years raising a family, at times working more than one job or going to college at night. Finally, after a fairly successful career, earned with struggles, I retired and said "this is my time." However family needed me and so my writing became nocturnal and to the wee hours. I got a couple of freelance writing jobs but it was not until the last couple of years that I completed a book of poetry, a few stories and a paranormal novel. My story is not different than othe writer's however I feel like I'm driving a wagon not a BMW to the contest or agent's office since I do not have a writing degree. My goal was a degree and classes to get a better job. My time is now consumed not by writing but by writing workshops and reading all I can on writing and editing. I will continue to send submissions and request representation, thanks for your article. Finally, excuse me for errors, I am writing as I wait for an appointment, on my iPad and without editing.

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