eBook Giveaway For My Book Eighteen Months To Live

By Rachele Baker, DVM – To celebrate the awesome new book cover for my book Eighteen Months To Live, I am giving everyone the opportunity to get my book for free on Amazon starting today, Tuesday, January 26, through Thursday, January 28. 

Eighteen Months To Live is the heart-wrenching, heartwarming, inspirational real life story of my mother, Midge Rylander. My mother passed away in 1992 from malignant pleural mesothelioma which is a form of lung cancer from exposure to asbestos. During her final months of life, my mother kept a daily journal so that her experiences could help others. 

Twenty years after my mother’s death, I found her journal in a box in the garage and re-read it. I realized then that my mother wanted her journal published. After spending many intensely emotional months transcribing my mother’s handwritten end of life journal and letters, I added a prologue, epilogue, and narration and collated everything into my book entitled Eighteen Months To Live. I published Eighteen Months To Live on Amazon in 2012. 

E.D. Brady wrote in her review of Eighteen Months To Live on Goodreads that it “shows a woman who handled herself with grace, poise, and dignity, as she tells of her daily trials and tribulations, her refusal to go down without a fight, and finally, her acceptance of the inevitable. It highlights the beauty of the human spirit, the vulnerability of life, and the need to remember that every day is precious.” 

The cover photo for Eighteen Months To Live is a photo that my mother sent me many years ago after she had a new deck built for her home on Lake Dunmore in Vermont: 


Mom was very proud of her new deck. I designed the original book cover using that photo, but, since that time, my photo editing and graphic design skills have greatly improved. So a few days ago I re-designed my book cover using the same photo of my mother’s deck with new typography. I am thrilled with the new design. 

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Here is the link to my book Eighteen Months To Live on Amazon.com so you can get your free copy. If you are in the UK, here is the link to Eighteen Months To Live on Amazon.co.uk

To everyone who reads my book and takes the time to express their feelings about it in a brief review on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk (there is a link to write a review at the bottom of the Amazon book page under the other Customer Reviews), thank you very much in advance for helping to spread the word about my book. I am always very gratified when I read the reviews on Amazon written by people who were helped or inspired by my book.

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