Written by
Phoebe Wilcox
January 2016
Written by
Phoebe Wilcox
January 2016

I am at Starbucks and have to leave for a client's in about 20 minutes. That means I have twenty minutes to:

a.) annex Neverland to Pennsylvania.

b.) sing fourteen different versions of some kind of "I love coffee" song.

c.) check out my fingernails and see how bad or good they are.

d.) call NPR and berate them for adopting use of the word "mentee" over "protege."

e.) write about a fantasy database called LIPS that is going to feature in my novel.

f.) write a love scene that I never seem to get to, that will feature in some way (still have to figure that out) in my novel. So far the database looms more significantly than the love scene which is a bit odd. The database is not without it's charms though, believe it or not. I literature, even a database can become charming.

Okay, any answer you select seems good to me. 

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