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  • 10 Essential Essay Writing Resources To Improve Your Skills
10 Essential Essay Writing Resources To Improve Your Skills
Written by
Julie Petersen
January 2016
Written by
Julie Petersen
January 2016

10 Essential Essay Writing Resources To Improve Your Skills

Essay writing skills are imperative to success. In any profession, career or walk of life, writing abilities play an important role. Students must be able to develop critical thinking skills and form their own analytical thoughts. And teachers must find new ways to engage and reach their students through writing.

It can be overwhelming to begin using online tools. For some, the search seems endless and likely to be a waste of time. It’s okay to feel comfortable with what’s familiar. And trying every tool available would take up a big chunk of valuable time. However, attempting new techniques might just what you need.

Whether you seek to improve your skills as a student, teacher or professional, matter little. All of the following 10 resources have proven effective and useful for writers of any age and at any talent level. Like with our physical bodies, our brains also require exercise to maintain top performance.

1. TeenInk

Teen Ink is an online literary magazine geared toward teenagers and young adults. They offer loads of inspiration, peer evaluations and have even created summer programs to engage and involve students with similar interests.

2. Novel Guide

Novel Guide is a free online study guide and forum that includes assignment help for students and teaching assistance for educators. This is an excellent resource for enhancing reading comprehension and learning how to form correct structure.

3. Word Counter

This word and character counting tool is a great way to manage your time and essay writing. Many articles, essays and assignments include a specified word count. The Word Counter makes it easy to set goals before you begin writing, so you may better monitor your progress.

4. RushEssay.com

This professional writing service is composed of over 400 qualified professionals and offers affordable proofreading and editing assistance. They offer free refunds if unsatisfied with their service, they work with tight deadlines and they provide 24/7 support. Check RushEssay.com Review to get more details.

5. Essay Map

ReadWriteThink’s Essay Map is an easy to use and extremely handy resource for writers of any age, on any topic. The site guides writers and students step-by-step through outlining essays and helps to create proper structure and to convey cohesive ideas.

6. Citation Machine

The Citation Machine site offers plagiarism checks, as well as reference and citation assistance. The site supports any style (MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formats) and makes it easy to properly give credit to all research sources.

7. EssayOnTime.com

EssayOnTime is a professional online writing service that offers affordable proofreading, editing and style assistance. If you are not sure whether you need to to use this service, you may read EssayOnTime.com Review here. Besides, you may check more reviews of other essay writing service here.

8. Vocaboly

One of the most overlooked aspects of essay writing is use of varied vocabulary. With the Vocaboly software users and students can enhance their mental libraries through various learning methods. And will expand their overall essay writing and testing skills.

9. Graphic Organizers

Any quality essay is built on a solid foundation. Education Place’s graphic organizers are a useful way for teachers, students and individuals to build better flow charts, brainstorming webs and various other graphs. These organizers will help structure essays and help in planning future research.

10. Readability Test Tool

With this free online readability test users can enter in any website url and receive a quick assessment of the writing on the page. The tool will notice various analytical and comprehension aspects of any writing. And immediately provides a detailed report.

When searching for an online resource, remember to first identify your own weaknesses. Maybe you need a word counter to keep you on track and your writing focused. Or perhaps you require help with basic structure and outlining.

No matter where your writing could use improvement, there is a tool available to help. We all use writing almost every day. Students, teachers, parents and working professionals all need to develop honed essay writing skills to achieve success and efficient communication.

In a world of technology advancements our writing is becoming more important than ever before. We may use pen and paper less, but our minds and hearts still need the words. Maybe you no longer need college research paper assistance. However, chances are good you still need to compose intelligent and clear correspondence.

Have fun, stay motivated and test these resources out today. It can’t hurt. In fact, they will only help. Even professional writers need an editor and there is always something new to learn.

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