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Last Chance To Give To The Girls!
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
December 2015
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
December 2015

Imagine if, in high school, you had had a mentor working with you every week on your writing, thoughtfully reading your words, providing feedback and encouragement, and supporting you on on your journey as a writer through high school to college and beyond.

How life-changing would it have been for you?

Now imagine you are a girl of color in one of New York City's five boroughs, living in a low-income neighborhood, attending an underfunded, overcrowded school, and facing obstacles to your development that range from unstable and even dangerous home environments to socioeconomic challenges that seem insurmountable.

Now imagine how life-changing (and world-changing) pairing girls like these with professional women writers is.

Today, please consider giving to Girls Write Now. It's your last chance to help this groundbreaking nonprofit meet its year-end fundraising goals. GWN is just a few thousand dollars short as of today, and the girls and their mentors need your support. So far She Writers have only given $100 -- can we come together to give more today? Any amount helps!

If you give to Girls Write Now today, you will receive a FREE copy of the Girls Write Now 2016 anthology, published by She Writes Press, when it comes out this spring. 

And if you need any more inspiration to give, watch this video of Girls Write Now mentee Danni Green reading her moving work, "Dear Kanye, January 14th." Raising the voices--and the hopes--of girls like Danni is what GWN is all about.

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