A childhood dream

 Once upon a time - or should I say last year in June?- I got a sheep dog puppy into my live.At the beginning everything was perfect: my childhood dream was about to be completed... I had a giant dog !!Months were passing by and the dog became bigger and bigger: 2 walks in a day: one at 5 am and one at 6 pm were enough to fill up my entire life.One day my puppy found on a sidewalk a small yellow dog. She was sad and hungry, but Ursu ( Bear) was playing with her. Days were passing by and I named her Pikachu. Now I was walking 2 dogs. She didn't want to enter in our courtyard because of Ursu: he was too big for her and too playful. 

 Months after that Ursu was growing up like in fairy-tales and I had many bruises thanks to his happiness. Pika avoided Ursu and was following me on my small walks to the shop. She was  trained, obviously. One day my husband came home and asked me if I wish to give Ursu to a breeder. He had two females of Bucovinean sheepdogs and he needed a fine male. I said "yes" in an instant. I was tired,very tired Ursu was still growing.It became obvious that my courtyard was too small for him. One month before, when following me to the market, some dogs scared Pikachu and she was lost.Seized by Ursu, I couldn't search for her but, anyway I didn't saw her around my house one month.

 In that very day of autumn I was sad about loosing Ursu but someway happy about regaining my life. The breeder came and when he saw Ursu he told me:

- M'am, he needs very much space, not this small courtyard!

- I know, sir, that's why I give him to you.. I only hope he will be happy!

- Of course.,.. you may come and see him sometimes, we have a big yard at the countryside.

I saw the man loved Ursu and I gave them both my blessings.. the car went away with my dreamed dog.. I was crying, so I decided to call a friend. She understood me and call me to her immediately to her (she is a dog lover, too)/ I decided to go buy some sweets for my visit and because I needed to cry a little alone. On my way , with a glimpse of an eye, on a alley between blocks I saw a small yellow dog. I walked Ursu many times around that place. I couldn't believe my eyes: in front of me was Pikachu. She was very happy to see me and she followed me instantly. From that moment till now I have a yellow happy small dog named Pika- or, when I am furious on her- Pikachu! She's like me, a sensible clown. I will never understood how could something like this happen, how she knew I gave away Ursu and that she can enter the yard... But maybe the Universe told her what to do.. anyway I am very much obliged to Universe and to the breeder and to Ursu and Pika.. they solved my problem in one autumn day.

Let's be friends

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