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  • Linda Spreeman #Ugh Skinny Jeans# but #Yay Grandma Jeans#
Linda Spreeman #Ugh Skinny Jeans# but #Yay Grandma Jeans#
Written by
Linda Spreeman
November 2015
Written by
Linda Spreeman
November 2015

I've been skinny.  And, even when I was "skinny" - the "skinny" jeans would not have looked good.  Period.  That is because I have these curves which requires taking a mirror into the dressing room and making sure that the pair on pants (ESPECIALLY jeans) also look good from the back!  Looking good in the front view means nothing if the back view yields a lot of bumps and curves (in all the wrong places and looks terrible). 

Jeans were hard enough to fit BEFORE skinny jeans!  And, now, skinny jeans represent the majority of the choices.

When you go through life looking for bathing suits with skirts, then this will make sense. 

The fashion industry has had it's moments of being flattering to this "pear" shape woman with curves.  For instance, the pleated slacks that most everyone disliked so much, looked fabulous on me.  The overabundance of "skinny" jeans look good on me from the knee down.  Kind of defeats the purpose.

I, for one, cannot wait for this trend to end and will continue to scour the internet for "wide leg" jeans (with pleats even better) that are boot cut. 

Never mind "mom" jeans.  At this point let's call mine "grandma jeans" - which applies in every sense of the word! 

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