4 Effective Tips For Freckle Removal

Whereas some people are proud of their freckled face, others see them as an obstacle and a major issue when it comes to their self-esteem. Nowadays, there is a solution to almost any problem with physical appearance, and especially when talking about freckles. Here are four effective tips for their removal, so check them out and learn how to successfully deal with this problem.

   Home Remedies


Cosmetic treatments can be really expensive, so their cheaper and safer alternatives are definitely home-made masks and peels. Lemon juice is among the most efficient natural solution for this skin problem. It is a natural bleaching agent that helps in the process of removal. Applying it to freckled area and leaving it for ten minutes will lighten your freckles over time. Milk-based masks are effective, too, since lactic acid peels away the top layer of skin, which helps in making that particular area lighter. Fruit peels will also do an amazing job, and combination of strawberries and kiwis is the best one.


 Chemical Peel


However, if those natural peels are not working properly, chemical peel is another solution. It, too, removes the upper layer of the skin, and there are two types of it. First of all, there is superficial peel that requires several treatments over a certain period of time, in order for results to be apparent. On the other hand, deeper chemical peels remove all the freckles at once, but this process is more painful and it takes much more time until the full recovery. No matter what, both of these can largely contribute to the improvement of this skin problem.

   Laser Freckle Removal Treatment


Being among the most effective treatments, laser removal for freckles is one of the most popular ones, too. Breaking up the pigment into small particles by heating it up is the basic principle of this procedure.  It starts with cleansing the skin and applying a thin layer of cool gel.  Later on, the laser is used in series of pulses to the area that should be treated. It takes about 45 minutes. Freckles may get darker immediately after the treatment, and the results will be visible in the next few days.

   Lifestyle Changes


Sunscreen is absolutely unavoidable, especially when it comes to summertime. Freckles can develop anywhere, so protective clothes and a hat are required. Long-sleeved shirts, as well as light pants protect skin during the summer, and protect it from developing skin problems. Also, vitamin C is a crucial nutrient which lightens freckles, and it can be found in citrus fruits, spinach and kiwi. A refreshing fruit and vegetable smoothie provides a daily dose of this vitamin and protects skin from negative influences.


Some people are born with freckles, and others develop them later in life as a result of sun exposure. A majority of people learn to love them, but there are also others who have problems with their self-confidence because of this issue. This is why they rely on cosmetic treatments and procedures, which are very advanced and offer permanent freckle removal. This is why these may be a perfect solution for this problem.

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