Asian Fashion – Influencing the World
Written by
Liza Smith
October 2015
Written by
Liza Smith
October 2015

Influence of Indian Clothes in the Fashion Industry


The Asian fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world of fashion today.

You may not think much when you shop for Asian clothes, although it has become one of the hottest styles today. Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries are all at the forefront of today's much in-demand designs.

When you talk about ethnic wear Asian ethnic wear has always been the centre of attraction for fashion lovers across the globe, and the Indian attire has always been considered significantly for its colorfulness and classiness. 

Indian designers have been awarded some of the biggest fashion awards. They are admired by women all around the globe for designing elegant woman’s attires. Fashion industries of India have seen a boom in the recent years and its popularity is growing in the world as a fashion centric country. The designers today are well recognized faces in the International Fashion Industry. Their shows and art work speak for themselves and they have proven their incredible talent and creativity everywhere.

Fashion designers get lots of scope for creativity due to the diversification of dressing style in India. Fusion style is an example of creative skill shown by the designers which was created by combination of a variety of dressing styles.

The most important thing that makes the ethnic clothing popular and more attractive to wear is its flexibility and availability of a wide range of styles.

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