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  • Custom Diwali Corporate Gifts for the Working Guys
Custom Diwali Corporate Gifts for the Working Guys
Written by
Anamika Dani
October 2015
Written by
Anamika Dani
October 2015

When it comes to working guys, any Diwali Gift won’t do. The Corporate guy will always want a Diwali present that suits his profile and image. You cannot please the metrosexual men of today with simple Diwali items like candles or diyas or home décor items. They will need things that match their personality, things that echo the kind of person they are. So if you are unsure of what Diwali corporate gift to choose for the working guys, then we have some handy suggestions-

  1. Diwali Gold Cards- It's a macho thing to play card games like poker and teen patti during Diwali. But playing with regular playing cards doesn't give the thrill that a gold playing card deck can provide. Give your guy a gold plated playing card deck encased in a wooden box as a gift and he will feel extra special. It will not only be a unique Diwali present but also be a handy one which he can use and boast off against his friends during card parties.
  2. Chocolate Hampers- Everyone likes to indulge their sweet tooth during festival times. So send a chocolate hamper for Diwali gift to working guys and they will absolutely love it. A mixed chocolate hamper packed in a pretty basket is not only good to see but also good on the stomach. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So if your guy likes to eat yummy chocolates, then send him a mixed hamper or basket of chocolates which he will relish for a long time.
  3. Personalised iphone cover- While guys are very choosy about their smartphones, a lot of them prefer iphones. Give him a personalised iphone cover with his picture on it or any other picture that he is fond of and he will love to show it off. Personalised iphone covers are a hit with everyone and will make a great diwali corporate gift for working guys.

Other gifts for the modern working guys this Diwali are perfume sets, personalised chocolates, office stationery etc. For those who are tech savvy, headphones or blue tooth speakers or a personalised pen drive(with their name or photo) is a great idea. The key to buying a good Diwali gift for working guys is choosing something that is usable and is stylish. Because for the modern men, while looks are key but usability and functionality is also essential.

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