All the Doodads We Cannot See
Written by
Suzy Soro
September 2015
Written by
Suzy Soro
September 2015

The closer I get to publishing my second book the more fascinated I am watching all the books swarming around me like a hive gone mad. So many people I know from social media and in real life are in the various stages of book release. Two are out, one is coming out next month, one has many out, one has a few out. One has discovered the power of manipulating their keywords in Amazon and has managed to get on all sorts of best seller lists. One did a pre-release of a book as an experiment, although I'm not sure what that experiment and its outcome was. One grinds away and leaves me in awe of how many books she cranks out. Many have book signings and hand out doodads, as my father used to call them, imprinted with the names of their books: pens, nail files, bookmarks, door hangers. Many seek out well-known authors and people in the media to blurb them. Others plan street teams and blog tours. Another is filming her book trailer for the imminent publication of what promises to be a very funny novel. One had a NYT best seller as her first book so for her second, she's on a book tour only three days after publication and we all know they don't just give those out to anybody anymore. None of these people have written best sellers except for the one on the book tour.

What sells a book more than keywords, book trailers, blurbs by famous people, or doodads is word of mouth. It's the same for all the arts, from Broadway shows to movies to art collections. People talk. We even go to restaurants that others rave about. The one thing all these standouts have is quality. (Except for the dreadful 50 Shades trilogy. But even then, word of mouth sold it.) I was at MoCA here in Los Angeles for a writer's get together when someone mentioned there was an Impressionist exhibit showing in another wing. Knowing nothing about it, many of us went. What we didn't know was that it had ended months before. Didn't matter; you say Impressionist I say Where? Word of mouth.

So put away your doodad plans and concentrate on your writing. Do whatever it takes to make it soar and then pray for Word of Mouthism. 

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