I Had a Secret and Now You Know
Written by
Mary Ellen Latela
September 2015
Written by
Mary Ellen Latela
September 2015

I Have a Secret

I am excited to announce that my essay, “I Have a Secret and Now You Know” is posted at Mudroom, starting today, Sept. 18th. The short link is here … http://wp.me/p56g3A-o7

The piece begins ~

Our home was too small for the six of us. My brother had his own closet-size bedroom, but we three girls were crunched into one bedroom. There were three twin-size Sealy Posturepedic mattresses on box-springs, a couple of old walnut bureaus, and enough room to hop in and out of bed. A matching desk was crammed in, but you couldn’t sit there and study.

I am hoping that breaking the power of a family secret will resonate with those who walk the healing journey.

Peace and Courage! Mary E. Latela @LatelaMary, [email protected]

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  • Melanie Holmes

    What a brave thing, to insist to be heard, to heal after heartbreak. Thank you for sharing your story.