Kids and Phones
Written by
Phoebe Wilcox
August 2015
Written by
Phoebe Wilcox
August 2015


My kids are going to have to get jobs to support their:

a.) phone habits

b.) burrito habits

c.) makeup fund

d.) ITune cards

e.) penchant for dried mango and snacks 

Well, we can't all afford those fascist IPhones. I mean why can't they just set it up so that the kids can text EVERYONE on her IPods and not just other people who happen to own Apple devices? Because that would be too generous. That would be too much free love. Everyone's so addicted to the web and salivating over those devices and glowing screens. Hmm: real tree versus glowing slightly-radioactive screen, which one wins? Glowing one, of course. 

Ah, but nothing smells like a real rose.

I want to freeze peaches and get rid of wicker furniture this weekend, but a Five Seconds of Summer concert in Hershey may interfere.

I'm kind of excited about this steam cleaner I bought. I want to see just how may stains it will powerfully dissolve in an instant. Because Lord knows we have stains around here.


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