Podcasting into Possibility
Written by
Katie Woodzick
August 2015
Written by
Katie Woodzick
August 2015

I first met Theo Nestor at Hedgebrook’s Winter Salon. Working to promote the event, I corresponded with Theo via email and was impressed by how timely and thoughtful her responses were.


My favorable impression of Theo resurfaced when I started reaching out for guests for a podcast I started earlier this year.


Like many people, my introduction to podcasts was Sarah Koenig’s Serial. I listened weekly, downloading the newest episodes as they became available. After Serial, I listened to WTF with Marc Maron, the Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin.

I kept listening because these interviews gave me greater insight into some of my favorite artists.

When I’m not working for Hedgebrook, I sometimes write articles for Whidbey Life Magazine. In February, I was assigned a story on Andrew Grenier, a local theatre director. Having taken a class with Andrew, I know he his tendency to be verbose, and I figured I couldn’t keep up taking notes by hand or even typing on the computer.


I decided to place my iPhone on the table between us and hit record. Listening back to the recording, a light bulb went off.


“Hey, this is almost a podcast,” I thought. “I wonder what I would have to do to host my own podcast.”


I started recording on my MacBook Pro in GarageBand. After the first few episodes, I bought a Blue Yeti condenser microphone that plugged into the computer with a USB cord.


Booking the first guests was an act of faith on both of our parts. I didn’t have a body of work I could send them. I am grateful to my early guests for taking a chance on someone who has trying out something new.


Theo was my ninth guest. I had eaten a Cliff bar in my car on the drive over to her house, but one look at the chicken Caesar salad she had prepared for dinner betrayed how hungry I was. She immediately got me a plate and made me toast and tea.


 We talked as I ate, before recording the interview. I was self-critical, questioning if I had achieved enough in my twenties.


“Look at you, you’re coming to people’s houses with your gear and getting interviews,” she said. “It takes a bravery and maturity to do that.”


The interview went well (you can listen to it here). As I left, Theo gave me a copy of her book, Writing is My Drink : A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (And a Guide to How You Can Too). In Theo’s words, the book “combines my own stories of becoming a writer, writing advice, and (really helpful and not stupid) writing exercises.”


I keep this book on my writing desk, next to The Daily Poet and Still Writing. One of the exercises in the book is to write a 26 minute memoir. You free write for 26 minutes about your life.  I ended the piece writing about my second grade teacher and how she encouraged my idea to have our geography lessons in a format similar to the PBS show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? 


If we’re lucky, we meet people in our lives that encourage us to amplify our voice as an artist and a human being. My second grade teacher, Elise Wilson, encouraged me to take an idea for a geography class and helped me make it real.


The name of my podcast is the Theatrical Mustang podcast. To me, that title encompasses anyone who has an idea and puts it into action.  


Whether you are working on a television script, a memoir or overcoming writer’s block, I hope you come across champions of your voice as a writer. Too often as women, we are told to be well-behaved and docile. I encourage you to find the topics about which you are most passionate and write loudly and boldly about them.


If you’re looking for support, a Hedgebrook Master Class can be a great place to start! Join Alumnae Theo Nestor, Felicia D. Henderson and Julia Cho for week-long sessions in November and December.


Learn more and apply now: http://www.hedgebrook.org/master-classes

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  • susan imhoff bird

    oh, I keep hearing "podcast" and shuddering . . . I can barely tweet, blog, like, and post.  you are both brave and wise, and hopefully one day I'll catch up to you!

  • Crystal Mary Lindsey

    WOW.. this blows my mind... I get a git scared about all this technology but it seems a matter of just going for it and doing it.. SO.. I will look further into this.. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with others not as high up the scale in their achievements, like myself. Blessings.