Poem about knitting
Written by
Ling Lee Hinkle
August 2015
Written by
Ling Lee Hinkle
August 2015

Here is a poem I wrote about knitting in April. I edited the brand name of the yarn so it's different from the version on my website.

Exploring wool
soft washable merino blend
my favorite—malibrigo.

Strong & resilient
luscious & vibrant
even unraveled for the n-th time
and spun out into gnarly knots
It springs back
Whole —-
a woven fiber
ready to follow pattern.

Thick hats
chunky yarn
find their way onto my head.

Garter cowls
of knit stitches
front & back
gather & collect
into long geometric shapes—
A snugly piece wrapped around my neck.

Knitted half mitts
stockinettes, ribs
twisted & straight
finish seamlessly.

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