3 steps to answering the call of your soul
Written by
Vicky Drake
July 2015
Written by
Vicky Drake
July 2015
call of the soul, let go, trust, soul purpose,
answer the call of your soul

Do you have this niggling feeling that there must be ‘more to life than this’?  Do you believe you have a purpose but just don’t know what it is? If so here are 3 steps to the answer the call of your soul:

Let go

When you let go of the constant searching and trying to figure it all out you make room for everything you’ve been looking for to show up.  It’s your constant busyness and need to find it that keeps it from you.  A watched phone never rings.


Learn to listen more than you speak i.e. learn to ‘be’ more than you ‘do’.  We think that to find our purpose we have to be actively out there looking for it when in fact the opposite is true, our soul is calling we just have to be quiet enough to hear it.  A daily meditation and self-care practice is essential for this.


It takes great faith to trust the unseen forces of the universe but when you do the magic can begin.  Learn to trust the little nudges of your soul, you may not understand where they will lead you and you most certainly won’t see the overall picture but follow each one and it will all come together, just like a jigsaw, each little piece is equally important and so is each little step on your journey. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be and that everything happens for a reason, your job is to find the lesson and learn it so you can move on.

When you let go of trying to control every single little thing and take time each day to listen to the whispers of your soul and take inspired action on them you will begin to trust the process.

Inspired action + trust = dream come true

What is your soul calling you to do today?  However small and seemingly insignificant it is, do it!

Let go, listen, trust.

With love

Vicky xx

photo credit: ©blast via photopin (license)

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