Shopping Made Easy

Although crucial and often unavoidable, grocery shopping is often a drag and something we try to wiggle out of. In order to keep your fridge stocked and that fruit basket full, a couple of well-intentioned advice will go a long way in making the whole tedious task somewhat interesting and more practical. Keep in mind that these are only ideas, so feel free to tweak them, add new ones and omit some at your own convenience.

  • Always create a menu – This neat little tip will forever rid you of the throw-away pest that is the wasting of food, as you will always have what’s on the “menu” written down on a piece of paper.

  • Shopping lists – Complementary to the previously mentioned menu, use a shopping list in tune with it. Writing down what you need to buy, while consulting the menu, pretty much covers your entire grocery variety.

  • Buy a cart on wheels – This is simply bag carrying made easy. Often times collapsible, these convenient little helpers will do most of the dirty work for you, as you walk in holding a thing no bigger and twice lighter than your average bag, and roll out with stuff to put in your fridge.

  • Store layout – always keep this in mind, as you walk between those aisles. Roaming around a grocery store has never paid complements to anyone’s busy life, so map it out, mentally, or otherwise.

  • Plan your shopping hours – Shop at late evenings and avoid weekends, whenever your schedule allows this. Waiting in line is one of the worst parts on any shopping experience

  • Plan for what you really need – Grocery store visits do have a tendency to bring out the worst of our money-shedding selves. Always plan what you really need, rather than what you simply want and crave. Use expense management software apps like Trippeo, to safely gauge your average expenses and save you a whole lotta cash with just a couple of clicks, avoiding wads of spent paper and tons of waste hours creating expense lists.

  • Always eat before shopping – If your stomach is full while shopping, there’s a good chance you won’t go on a spree and make irreparable dents in your budget. Packing food into packages that appeal to our tastes and make us crave the product irrationally is a common practice. Using lucrative photos, that trigger one’s taste buds without even so much as smelling, let alone tasting the ingredients, and psychologically studied colors that set off our hunger senses, the food businesses create extra profit for themselves that can be easily avoided by simply keeping oneself fully satiated before engaging a shopping adventure.

  • Avoid shopping alone – Not only will a friend, a family member, or a spouse help you make this trip less boring, but their input can bring out some extra common sense and advice. In addition, you’ll get two more hands to carry the goods, or at least an extra hand for that second shopping trolley. You can even split up and tackle different premeditated tasks, outlined by your shopping list. In any case, having a shopping companion always helps.

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