God and Eddie Murphy
Written by
Suzy Soro
July 2015
Written by
Suzy Soro
July 2015

When I was first starting out as a standup, Eddie Murphy was breaking and was on his way to super-stardom. I read an interview where he was asked the question all standups get asked multiple times in their careers, "Do you write your own material?"

And Eddie replied, "God writes my material."  I was envious that he and God were tight. And that God wrote jokes for him, but I had no idea what he really meant by it. It took me many years to figure it out.

Sometimes I'll be writing and a line or a word pops into my head and I instantly know I have to use it. It's happened when I'm outside walking to the store or in the middle of the night when I'm startled awake by a barking dog. In my old apartment, it happened in my bathroom. If I ever got stuck on whatever project I was writing, I would walk into that bathroom and repeat the last line I'd typed. Sometimes it only took a few seconds for the next line or word to materialize. Curious about its seemingly magical power, I had a book on feng-shui and laid my apartment out on a gua. My bathroom was dead center of the gua. And represented being centered. So it became a talisman. Writer's block, go stand in the bathroom. If I went into the bathroom to use it the way it's supposed to be used, nothing would happen. Nothing came to me except that I was soon going to be out of toilet paper or needed to clean the tub.

It happened when I wrote my first book and it's happening again with this book although I've moved and no longer have access to the magic bathroom. And that's when it hit me, what those brain pop-ins were. They were Eddie Murphy's God. I think we call it intuition when we have a bad feeling about someone, or have a hunch about a job opening, or a child in danger, but it's the same super-power. Whether you call it God, intuition, the Universe, it's all the same. And although I'm very grateful for the help, no way is the voice getting an author credit. Sorry, God.

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