Agent Hunting via Scrivener
Written by
Laura Brennan
July 2015
Written by
Laura Brennan
July 2015

I do not grok Scrivener.

Several of my friends swear by it, I've taken seminars touting its wonders, I've even started a nonfiction book in it, a trial by fire, as it were. 

Clearly I am missing the Scrivener gene.

So, in the interests of two birds, one stone, I have decided to use Scrivener instead of Excel to keep track of the agents I query and their responses. I will admit, it was the corkboard that won me over, plus the color-coded labels I can add. I like the visual of being able to see the process -- without having to actually post rejection letters on my wall.  :)

I've started by creating one index card per agent, with key info on the card (including why I think they might be right for my novel) and links to each agent's website in the research subfolder. I figure learning about Scrivener as I research agents will be less frustrating than trying to learn the ropes while making my daily wordcount.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for Scrivener, please feel free to add 'em to the comments. Really, please do. By the end of this, I may or may not have an agent, but at least I hope to be able to either embrace Scrivener or give it up forever.

Always multi-tasking, that's me!

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  • Lois Elizabeth Letchford

    Thanks for this input! I didn't know such a site existed. Your post encourages me to look at it closely!