What Happens After "The End."
Written by
Laura Brennan
June 2015
Written by
Laura Brennan
June 2015

This past weekend, I finally finished my first novel. I got to write those two glorious words, "The End."


The manuscript is off to my writers group where I will get notes on it next month, and in the meantime, well, I'll just lie on the deck sipping lemonade and listening to the birds chirp in the cool calm of the morning...


I'll research agents, polish my query letter and embark on the roller-coaster that is trying to get a first novel published.

Perhaps I should spike the lemonade.

Since I have always been a fan of the SheWrites "Countdown to Publication" series, I thought I'd post about my own Road to Pre-Publication, as it were. There is no countdown, of course, because I am still on the side of the Great Unknown. Will I find an agent? Will we interest a publisher? Will I drown in a sea of rejection letters?

Tune in to find out.  Because after "The End" comes another beginning. 

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  • Laura Brennan

    Patricia and Alicia, I'm with you!  Polishing is all well and good, but nothing beats creating that wonderful, messy first draft.  Fun!

    Meanwhile, I had a great talk today with someone in the publishing biz, to fill me in on all the questions I didn't even know to ask.  Good fodder for my next post, as well.  ;)

  • Patricia Robertson

    Done with one book, time to start on the next! :) Enjoy the lemonade.

  • Alicia M. Smith

    Love this, "because after "The End" comes another beginning.  Well said, Laura.  Congratulations!!

  • Laura Brennan

    Thank you!  Jenni, I absolutely agree.  I'm all about the journey -- although destinations are restful!  I'm wrapping up the polish and about to launch my first query letters, so more updates will be forthcoming.

    And Kristin, thanks for the encouragement!  I hope some of it will be useful to the wider writing community -- although I hope I don't make too many mistakes for them to learn from!  ;) 

  • Jenni Ogden Writing

    It's a long journey, but two things are certain; you'll make a lot of great friends on the way, especially through She Writes and other writing groups; and you will learn so much about writing, publishing and all things books. What could be better? Perhaps getting the book published is a high point of the journey, but it ain't the journey. Good luck with it all! 

  • Hey Laura! Loved this post and that you've followed it up with additional pre-publication posts :) I'm featuring this in our community newsletter tomorrow!